Fall bulletin board idea

Fall bulletin board ideas for kids

Fall bulletin board idea

What do animals do in Fall 

Jim is a curious boy, he likes searching everything. One day, his teacher gives them a homework about fall month. They will search for things that occur in fall. All students in his class search somethings about nature and people in fall but Jim has got a different idea.He thinks to search for animals in fall. On the following day, Jim finds somethings and arrives at school. When his teacher asks the class, everybody tells something about people and nature but except Jim.

Then, it is Jim’s turn, he starts to tell: “Teacher, in this month of the year, animals start to prepare.Its safe foods for winter. Generally, animals’ skins become thicker. Some birds migrate to tropic regions in order to escape from cold weather. Some animals get ready for winter sleep.

By the way, teacher winter sleep is a stupor that some animals sink into sleep in the winter months.” After he had given this information, his teacher congratulates Jim for his great idea and presentation.Also, you can make a fall bulletin that shows some animals’ situations in fall.