Fall bulletin board idea for preschooler

Fall bulletin board ideas

Fall bulletin board idea for preschooler

Fall Art 

There is a man who name is Edward. This man is a garbage man, he cleans, sweeps the streets and neighborhood but in the month of fall, his job becomes a bit more difficult because as you know in the fall there are leaves in every where and street are a bit dirtier.By the way, this man has got a huge imaginary world in other words Edward is an artistical man. One day, he goes to his work early, when he sweeps the leaves he notices that if he makes somethings with using these leaves, an artistic job can occur.

After then, he starts to make something new with leaves on the street. He makes the cat, stickman, star etc. All people who pass street there admire to these shapes and people understand that ıf we want, we can create great things with using rubbish.Edward shows us his artistic side.

Now, it is our turn. Let’s we make a something fall crafts by using yellowed leaves