Number matching worksheet

Number matching worksheet
Number matching worksheet

Number matching worksheet

As we elders, we like sudoku or crossword puzzle. Why does not our child also solve sudoku or puzzle? In this worksheet, there is an activity similar to sudoku. We can make this worksheet with our child and we can ingratiate puzzle to the child. As you see there are lots of numbers also colored numbers. Our child will find the same number with the first one and color that number, thus, he/ she can match the same number. For example; when you are solving sudoku your child can make this activity so they will be happy due to make something with you. By the way, their visual intelligence will also improve. And you can say which number that is after they find and color that number so they can learn easy numbers from 0 to 10. Let’s go to the teaching numbers and having fun.İn this page you can find an easy number matching worksheet for kindergarten, toddlers, and preschoolers. Let’s practice numbers with little ones. You can easily print and use this PDF worksheet in your home or classroom. Check each row and find the similar number than start to color! That’s it!




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