Animal bulletin board ideas for kindergarten

Animal bulletin board ideas

Animal bulletin board ideas for kindergarten

Fish Dorby and his friends

Once upon a time, there was a fish named Dorby who lived in a sea. This Dorby has got six friends. There was also shark named Drog and manager of sea named Lord. One day, when Dorby and his friends were swimming in the sea they came across shark Drog and they were scared so much. They tried to escape but they could not achieve and Drog swallowed Dorby and his friends.

There were lots of bones in the stomach of Drog. Then they started to think the ways of escape. Then one of Dorby’s friend said that: “ ıf we tickle Drog, shark Drog will puke us.” Then they did what Dorby’s friend said and Drog Puked them. In the following day, Dorby and his friends went to the manager of the sea Lord and told their story that happen yesterday. Manager Lord gave a prize to them because Lord also was afraid of shark Drog that he could not say this to anyone.

Now we make a Dorby and his friends also by using some materials like colorful paper, clippers, and glue. Check the ideas of animal bulletin board pictures and choose one of them to create.