Halloween craft idea for toddlers

Halloween craft idea for toddlers What is the Halloween?  Do you know that where the name of Halloween comes? Halloween is the previous night of saints day. Its name comes from “all hallows eve” or […]


Halloween craft idea for kids

Halloween craft idea for kids Halloween pumpkins  It was a hot August day and Jack got up early again today. He should have watered the pumpkins. Because he was a pumpkin grower. He had a […]

Bulletin Board

Halloween bulletin board idea

Halloween bulletin board idea Bad joke in the Halloween Jack is a very good and silent boy in the family. He never speaks so much. He always listens to family members and observes the room […]


Halloween door decoration idea

Halloween door decoration idea Ghost dog Lucy  Jerry is a very interesting boy. He is always different from his friends about everything in his class. So his teacher likes Jerry’s imaginary world so much. Whenever […]

skeleton craft idea for toddlers

skeleton craft idea for kids

Skeleton craft idea for kids The skeleton The teacher comes to school and starts to tell something about skeleton system. The students of that class are very hardworking and also very curious. The teacher said […]


Halloween craft idea for kids

Halloween craft idea for kids Witch who cannot fly  Martha was born ten years ago. She was a different witch from others. She couldn’t fly but she could run very fast. The other witches understood […]


Witches crafts for Halloween

Witches crafts for Halloween Witch girl There is a girl in a small village. This girl is very bad-tempered no one loves her in the village. Her character is so bad because of this her […]

Autumn craft

Ghost bulletin board idea for kids

Ghost bulletin board idea for kids The story of Ghost Jack, Jane, and Jessica are good friends. They always hold together. One day their teacher gives a homework about writing a story to them. After […]

Animal craft

Bat craft

Bat Craft                   Halloween is almost hereůand you haven’t helped your child make an eerie bat craft yet? Don’t worry because we have the perfect Halloween craft […]