square worksheet for kids
Shape woksheet

Square Worksheet For Kids

Square Worksheet For Kids Almost all children learned firstly the shape of the square. What is this reason actually we do not know? Here are, we prepared an activity that is about teaching square so, […]

rectangle worksheet for kids
Shape woksheet

Rectangle Worksheet For Kids

Rectangle Worksheet For Kids Everything around us has got a shape. And our children are keen on these shapes. Generally, when they start to talk they ask everything and they wait for an answer from […]

circle worksheet
Shape woksheet

Circle Worksheet

Circle Worksheet As you know, in another worksheet, you thought the shapes belong to geometry and specific shape of the triangle. So today, you are going to teach circle to your children. What can you […]

Trinagle worksheet
Shape woksheet

Triangle Worksheet

Triangle Worksheet In the previous worksheet, we made lots of shapes belong to geometry. In this time, we specialized the shapes and choose the triangle for our children. Why do all children paint the roof […]

shape matching worksheet
Shape woksheet

Shape Matching Worksheet

Shape Matching Worksheet As is known our brain has got right and left hemisphere. But the important thing is that using both of them. So in this worksheet, we wanted to activate all of them […]

caterpillar circle trace worksheet
Animal worksheet

Caterpillar Circle Trace Worksheet

Caterpillar Circle Trace Worksheet As you know, almost all children like the animal so we used caterpillar to teach circle to our children. Dear mothers and fathers, you are going to teach making circle to […]

shape mandala coloring
Mandala coloring

Shape Mandala Worksheet

Shape Mandala Worksheet Dear families; In this worksheet, we aimed to teach what does Mandala mean and paint with children. Firstly; we start with the mean of the mandala. Mandala is a shape that shows […]

shapes worksheet
Shape woksheet

Shapes worksheet

Shapes worksheet Easy shapes worksheet for kids. İts all free and printable.You can find triangles, circles, squares, rectangles. Look at the picture on the left of the shapes worksheet. On each row circle the pictures […]

Hidden shapes worksheet
Shape woksheet

Hidden shapes worksheet

Hidden shapes worksheet Shapes are hidden in the worksheet lets find them. Find the shapes and color them. How many of each shape can you find? This hidden shapes worksheet is printable and free. Check […]