Rainbow craft idea for toddlers

Rainbow craft idea for toddlers Lost rainbow Marlow opened his eyes a sunny Saturday morning. He runs outside before the breakfast as he has been doing every morning for two months. He stared at the […]

skeleton craft idea for toddlers

skeleton craft idea for kids

Skeleton craft idea for kids The skeleton The teacher comes to school and starts to tell something about skeleton system. The students of that class are very hardworking and also very curious. The teacher said […]

Fall season coloring page for kindergarten
Autumn craft

Fall coloring page for kids

Fall coloring page for kids Welcome fall season Leaves are gone yellow and fell from the trees. İts raining outside and the wind is blowing. Welcome fall season. You can find lots of free printable […]


Halloween craft idea for kids

Halloween craft idea for kids Witch who cannot fly  Martha was born ten years ago. She was a different witch from others. She couldn’t fly but she could run very fast. The other witches understood […]


Yogurt cup crafts for toddlers

Yogurt cup crafts for toddlers Windmill from Yogurt cup  There is a boy named Oliver in a village. This boy likes his school so much and his favorite course is geography. He is interested in […]

autumn tree craft for preschoolers
Autumn craft

Autumn craft idea

Autumn craft idea The Child Who Hates Autumn Mary is a very happy girl, she is always happy, she always smiles but in recent days Mary’s face is a bit morose because autumn comes, unfortunately. […]

Animal craft

Jungle animal bulletin board idea

Jungle animal bulletin board idea The King of the jungle Once, there are various animals living in a big jungle. Every animal has duties in that Jungle. The birds are responsible for keeping watch, the […]

Autumn craft

Autumn bulletin board idea

Autumn bulletin board idea The month of sadness autumn Everybody likes summer because all people go to see or pool to swim and to relax. And they go to the picnic maybe, shortly, they have […]

Autumn craft

Fall craft activities

Fall craft activities The long fall Winston was returning home. The season was fall and Winston has liked going to school in falls since he enrolled in the school. Because he was collecting colorful leaves […]