winter crafts for kids

Winter crafts for kids Be prepared for some serious cuteness within this collection of easy Winter crafts for kids. As always, I like to keep things simple and offer choice.A couple is a little more […]

Clothes craft

winter clothes craft for preschool kids

Winter clothes craft for preschool kids I tell the children to decorate their snowman any way they choose and use any materials they choose.This makes it easier for the children to see the materials and […]

Autumn craft

umbrella crafts for kids

Umbrella Crafts for kids                   April showers bring May flowers! It’s been a rainy week around here, which inspired me to create this umbrella craft with my […]

Animal craft

turtle crafts for kids

Turtle crafts for kids                 It’s not hard to find a turtle or terrapin, whether it’s on the beach or in the pond of your local park! Here […]


tree crafts for kids

Tree crafts for kids                   You know what I love about fall tree crafts? Simply… the colors. Do you live in a place where the seasons change? […]


toilet paper roll craft

Toilet paper roll craft for kids               We’re sharing more toilet paper roll crafts today! This is such a fun way to peak your child’s creativity and get them […]


tin can craft for kids

Tin can craft for kids               Ordinary tin cans are another proper material, which can be easy upcycled.With a few original tin can craft ideas you can transform them […]