Spring bulletin board idea for kindergarten

Spring bulletin board ideas

Spring bulletin board idea for kindergarten

The source of happiness 

Kate is very happy today because spring comes and everywhere is bright, and shiny. There are flowers, trees with flowers and birds that are chirpy.But, on the other hand, Kate also knowns that she has to be careful about the weather because in this month people can be ill, easily. So she pays attention herself. In the following weekend, Kate and her family will go to a picnic to the forest so her mother prepares somethings for picnic and Kate helps her mother.

And the day of picnic comes and they go to the picnic. Kate says her mother that: “mom, spring is the very beautiful month because this month relaxes people and makes people very happy.” Her mother shakes her head in order to confirm her daughter. And Kate excites attention that everybody is more energetic and happier.

They all are in the parks, gardens, all children are on the Street and they play games with their friends. Shortly, according to Kate, spring is the most beautiful month of the year.Now, let’s make a bulletin about spring and we show something about spring in the bulletin board.