Community Vehicle And Drivers Worksheet

communitiy vehicle and drivers worksheet
communitiy vehicle and drivers worksheet



Community Vehicle And Drivers Worksheet

Do you like visiting so much? I am sure that even you do not like, your children like it.  As you know there are kinds of public transportations like bus, ship or plane. And I think all the children love ships. Because almost all children like the sea or water. But have you ever thought that why we cannot see the people who drive these public transportations except bus driver? If we can see them, would be there any problem in this situation? Maybe they do not show these drivers to us consciously. Anyway, today you are going to teach these mysterious drivers to your children. Of course, at first you are going to tell something about these vehicles and their drivers are on this worksheet and then your children are going to match them and color it. But If you show any videos about this, this lesson can be catchier then your telling. Let’s start!


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