Symmetry Worksheet

symmetry worksheet for kids
symmetry worksheet for kids


Symmetry Worksheet

In this worksheet, we aimed to use children’s imagination in order to complete the pictures. So before doing this activity, you can make some other half pictures with your children. For example; at first you can show full pictures and draw half of that picture and then your children can complete that. Thus both their imagination and hand muscle will improve because to draw something, a person’s hand muscle should be developed. Here as you see, there are not fine motor skills. Our picture has got the only outline so your children will not have difficulty when he/ she is making this activity. To line is important because the line is the first thing that is thought at the school so firstly, your children’s this ability should improve. On the other hand, having fun when learning something is also important so we put also drawing the picture in our worksheet, we sure that all children like to color something especially, to color the Wall. Let’s start.


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