Shape Matching Worksheet

shape matching worksheet
shape matching worksheet


Shape Matching Worksheet

As is known our brain has got right and left hemisphere. But the important thing is that using both of them. So in this worksheet, we wanted to activate all of them in our children’s brain. Firstly, we mention about left hemisphere. Features of left are that: it makes cause and effect relationship well and it has got analytical thinking, it is integrated into words numbers and symbols and it is successful in mathematical operation. And right hemisphere: it is interested in visual and aural subjects, it dreams surrealist and it learns in the by way of vision and hears. Now, what will you do in this activity? As you see here some shapes and pictures. Your children will match pictures and shape so they will use both right and left hemisphere. Because when they try to match them they will use left hemisphere by thinking analytic. And their duty is about visual and seeing so they will use the right hemisphere. To sum up, at the end of the activity they will improve both visual and analytic abilities. Let’s start!





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