Recognizing The Shapes Worksheet

recognizing shape worksheet
recognizing shape worksheet


Recognizing The Shapes Worksheet

Although we are not aware of, the shapes are important in our life. Why? Because when we describe something we need to use the shapes unawares. On the other hand, for some reason, generally, children pay attention to shapes. If you arouse interest, children can ask the shape of the things. So we wanted to teach the shapes in this worksheet. Also due to this activity, we wanted to increase to use the right hemisphere in children’s brain because, in order to connect the shape, they should do the comparison. What are you doing today? You are going to teach the shapes to your children. How? For example; at first you can tell the shapes or teach the names of the shapes and then you can show as an example for them. For instance; for the first picture you can show the stars as an example of the Pentagon and show coin for the example of round shape and etc and after that day you can ask all of the shapes of everything to your child in order to not forget.





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