Birthday Cake Trace Worksheet

birthday cake trace worksheet
birthday cake trace worksheet


Birthday Cake Trace Worksheet

The birthday and birthday cake is an incredibly pleasing thing for all children, and I am sure that there are not any children who do not like the birthday. Because, on that day, they both get presents and eat cake so they become very happy. Children wait for their birthday impatiently,  actually, they are right. Because of these reasons, we sure that they are going to like this activity so much, and also your duty is going to be easy. What are you going to do today? As you see in the Picture there are some short lines and your children are going to trace these short lines and at the end of the trace, they will color it. Thus their hand muscle and fine motor skills are going to improve and this helps them at the school life. On the other hand, for children, the happiness of doing something will be enough. Let’s start and have fun.







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