Trace Line Worksheet

trace line worksheet
trace line worksheet



Trace Line Worksheet

Dear families, in this worksheet, you are going to teach some shapes to your children like a triangle, circle and etc. What can you do for this activity? For instance; you can teach circle shape by showing a basket or a plate and tell what they are. On the other hand, you can tell Egyptian pyramids for a triangle and give more information about them so they can learn both triangle and Egyptian pyramids. For the shape of the cross, you can make some mathematical operations because your children had learned numbers already. So your children make both mathematical operations and learn the shape of the cross. Here on the pictures as you see, there are some marks that are directive for from where children will make these shapes. Also, you can show some materials that are a circle, triangle, and cross and you can want to draw them from your children. This can be good also for their cognitive development because they will draw as far as they remember. Good luck.

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