Bear craft with templates

Bear with parachute craft

Bear Craft With Templates

İf your kids bored and searching to do something with them. You can find a joyful craft below this text.

What You Need:

    • Construction paper
    • Crayons
    • Glue
  • Scissors
  • pencil
  • small plate

What You Do:

1- Put the plate on the construction paper and draw a circle with pencil

bear craft templates 3
bear craft templates 1

2- After drawing the circle cut this paper with scissors.

bear craft templates 2
bear craft templates 2
bear craft templates 5
bear craft templates 3

3- Fold this circle in two pieces.

bear craft templates
bear craft templates 4
bear craft templates 4
bear craft templates 5

4- Print this template.

bear craft with templates
bear craft with templates

5- Paste folded circle over bear with parachute coloring page’s template and color some dotes over the folded circle.

cute bear craft
cute bear craft

6- At last color your bear with parachute craft. Have a good day!

bear craft for kindergarten
bear craft for kindergarten

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