Back to school Worksheet

pencil trace worksheet
pencil trace worksheet


Back to school Worksheet

As you know, pencils are the most important tool for people because pencils are in both literate and illiterate people’s or children’s hands. Almost all children like pencils but generally colorful pencils in order to play with them, paint or color something. Also, for the school, they are important because teachers say at first day of school “ get pencils and notebooks”. All the children are happy to buy pencils from stationary. Even me. Today, still I like to buy different pencils and something else from stationary. I think pencils represent civilization and modernity in a country. So, at first, we should teach what pencil is to our children. And we should cause to be loved pencils. So, in this worksheet, we wanted to teach pencils to our children. In this activity your children’s duty is easy. They are going to trace short lines and after making the picture of colors, color them.



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