Number 9 trace worksheet

number 9 trace worksheet
number 9 trace worksheet


Number 9 trace worksheet

You can be a teacher of your child at home. How? As a mother or a father, you can teach something to your child before she/ he goes to school. For example; mothers or fathers can take the output from the internet and can have their child make worksheet at home. Thus, you could achieve to educate your child for school so he/she will not have difficulty in his/ her lessons. For instance; in this worksheet, you can teach number 9 to your child. I am sure that, all children like drawing the picture so you can draw the picture with your child and you can show how it will be drawn. For example; for number 9 there are nine bikes, maybe at first drawing bike can be hard but when the child starts to draw, he/ she will like it. And lastly, children trace by following lines on the number of 9.


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