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Halloween bulletin board idea

Halloween bulletin board idea Bad joke in the Halloween Jack is a very good and silent boy in the family. He never speaks so much. He always listens to family members and observes the room […]

paper plate umbrella craft idea
Autumn craft

autumn craft idea for kindergarten

Autumn craft idea for kindergarten Lucy who likes rain Lucy did not go to school today because she is ill. She stays at home and she has a rest at home. Her mother cooks soup […]

Autumn craft

Ghost bulletin board idea for kids

Ghost bulletin board idea for kids The story of Ghost Jack, Jane, and Jessica are good friends. They always hold together. One day their teacher gives a homework about writing a story to them. After […]

Animal craft

Farm unit bulletin board idea

Farm unit bulletin board idea Why do we use scarecrow on the farm? Uncle Jim has got a farm and he has got lots of grains like corn, sunflower, wheat and like this. Uncle Jim […]

handprint native american craft idea for kids
Bulletin Board

Native American crafts for kids

Native American crafts for kids Why Do We Say Red Indıan to Native Americans?  There is a little red Indian who name is Moonlight. This little red Indian is so curious she asks everything. One […]

Animal craft

Mouse crafts for kids

Mouse crafts for kids Baby Mouse There is a baby mouse that name is Coco. Coco is very polite and shy. One day Coca is very hungry so it enters a house in order to […]

Animal craft

Crow bulletin board idea for kids

Crow bulletin board idea for kids How many kinds of crow are there? Two crows are friends. They are so lazy they never work at any job they only eat and sleep. These crows are […]

spring tree bulletin board idea (1)
Bulletin Board

Spring bulletin board idea

Spring bulletin board idea Snowdrop  After the stormy night, a snowdrop took off its head from under the snow. It looked at the sun and thought that it was the right time to come up. […]

Bulletin Board

Under the Sea bulletin board

Under the Sea bulletin board Little Mermaid There was a huge ocean. There were lots of living beings in this ocean. Angry whales, debonair dolphins and so many kinds of fishes. Also, there was a […]