umbrella crafts for kids

umbrella craft ideas

Umbrella Crafts for kids

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April showers bring May flowers! It’s been a rainy week around here, which inspired me to create this umbrella craft with my little ones.

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This fun activity came from Big M’s home-school work, and I thought it was so cute I just had to pass it on.This paper plate umbrella craft is so simple it
almost seems silly to write a post about it.

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As they need to be carefully strung on the thread this makes this craft a great fine motor workout for your kids! So spread out lots of newspapers (the more,
the better if younger kids are helping), have everyone put on old shirts (because you just know you’re going to get some paint on your clothes no matter how
careful you are!), and get painting!

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As always, this kid craft tutorial is perfect for children of ALL ages and it’s really expensive too! It’s really simple, not the very time to consume, inexpensive,
and not very messy– talk about the perfect craft to do with a toddler, right?

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