Christmas crafts

Gingerbread trace worksheets

Gingerbread trace worksheet for kids Here are the cute gingerbread trace worksheets for your kids or students. They will love these worksheets. They are all free to use. Print and have fun! Check out the […]

christmas craft idea
Christmas crafts

Christmas wreath craft

Christmas wreath craft idea for kids Making Christmas wreath Tony was originally from England, but he was born in India and grew up there. They have to live there because of his father’s job. When […]

2018 calendar for toddlers
Christmas crafts

2018 calendar for kids

2018 calendar for kids Hello everyone! Goodbye 2017 and welcome 2018.Here are the 2018 calendars for kids. You can use these calendars for your lessons. Use them on your coloring activities in your classroom or […]

Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas crafts for kids A journey to the forest                     After the Christmas, Nora doesn’t want to throw away her Christmas tree. She puts it opposite […]

Christmas crafts

Gingerbread craft

Gingerbread craft Let’s make gingerbread                   That day Catherine and his younger brother Terry were alone at home. Their mother went to shopping and their father didn’t […]

handprint christmas tree craft
Christmas crafts

christmas tree crafts for kids

Christmas tree crafts for kids   Christmas tree                   Once upon a time, there was a little pine-tree in a big forest. It was living with the […]