Animal craft

Dog craft

Dog craft Shepherd dog Shepherd Tom and his dog Dodo were looking for their sheep. Dodo was a shepherd dog. It never let the sheep alone. It was very faithful to his owners and his […]


Headband craft

Headband craft   Where is headband of queen bee?                     Once upon a time, uncle David had got lots of bee hives in his garden. There […]


Fruit craft

Fruit craft Hello, we prepared a lot of fruit craft ideas for you. You can also find a funny story about fruits. Read this story to kids and make them eager to make some fruit crafts. […]

human body craft

Human body craft

Human body craft Curious Brenda There was a girl whose name is Brenda. This little girl is the third class student and Brenda likes her school and courses so much. One day, Brenda went to […]

donkey craft
Animal craft

Donkey craft idea

Donkey craft idea Let’s make some donkey crafts with our kids.First, read this funny story about donkey Cali. Then choose your craft idea. İts all easy. Have fun! Jealous donkey Cali There was a man living […]

clothes pin butterfly craft idea
Animal craft

Clothes pin craft

Clothes pin craft Why is Lila afraid of?                     There is a caterpillar whose name is Lila. This caterpillar doesn’t like eating. But normally all caterpillars […]

fork stamp hedgehog craft idea

Fork crafts for kids

Fork crafts for kids Cotton haired hedgehog There was a hedgehog city in a hidden part of the world. There were millions of hedgehogs in that city. They were living happily and friendly. One day […]

handprint christmas tree craft
Christmas crafts

christmas tree crafts for kids

Christmas tree crafts for kids   Christmas tree                   Once upon a time, there was a little pine-tree in a big forest. It was living with the […]

Animal craft

Crow craft

Crow craft   White crow                   Father crow and mother crow were waiting for their children. Their children would hatch one day ago and they were very […]