Animal craft

Dalmatian dog craft

Dalmatian dog craft Fake dalmatian                   There was a little white dog. This dog wonders life of dalmatian dog so one day it draws black spots on […]


Headband craft idea for toddlers

Headband craft idea for toddlers     Ladybug There was a ladybug that has a broken wing. People called it as queen. Because once upon a time she was the queen of all ladybugs. But […]

Animal craft

Dog craft idea for toddlers

Dog craft idea for toddlers Musician animals                     There were a group of animal friends and these animals wanted to be a musician but they had […]

envelope bunny craft

Envelope craft idea for kids

Envelope craft idea for kids The letter carrier rabbit There was a letter carrier rabbit that was living in a huge forest named the master of the forest. His name was Lala. Lala was carrying […]


Fruit basket craft idea for kids

Fruit basket craft idea for kids Alice’s gift  There was a happy family in the city. This family has got a little girl whose name is Alice. Alice is a successful and well-behaved child. She […]

Animal craft

Duck craft idea for kids

Duck craft idea for kids   Brave father duck                Pretty Ducks were swimming in the pond which is under the green trees in a garden. They were swimming […]

Christmas crafts

Gingerbread craft

Gingerbread craft Let’s make gingerbread That day Catherine and his younger brother Terry were alone at home. Their mother went to shopping and their father didn’t come yet. They have guests for dinner and Catherine […]

Animal craft

Dog craft

Dog craft Shepherd dog Shepherd Tom and his dog Dodo were looking for their sheep. Dodo was a shepherd dog. It never let the sheep alone. It was very faithful to his owners and his […]


Headband craft

Headband craft   Where is headband of queen bee?                     Once upon a time, uncle David had got lots of bee hives in his garden. There […]