Animal craft

Jungle animal bulletin board idea

Jungle animal bulletin board idea The King of the jungle Once, there are various animals living in a big jungle. Every animal has duties in that Jungle. The birds are responsible for keeping watch, the […]

Autumn craft

Autumn bulletin board idea

Autumn bulletin board idea The month of sadness autumn Everybody likes summer because all people go to see or pool to swim and to relax. And they go to the picnic maybe, shortly, they have […]

Autumn craft

Fall craft activities

Fall craft activities The long fall Winston was returning home. The season was fall and Winston has liked going to school in falls since he enrolled in the school. Because he was collecting colorful leaves […]

reindeer frame craft idea
Christmas crafts

frame craft idea for toddlers

Frame craft idea for toddlers Lisa’s special frame Lisa is a girl that is so cute and thoughtful. She never forgets her friends’ birthdays and she always tries to buy a special gift that is […]


Witches crafts for Halloween

Witches crafts for Halloween Witch girl There is a girl in a small village. This girl is very bad-tempered no one loves her in the village. Her character is so bad because of this her […]

Autumn craft

Ghost bulletin board idea for kids

Ghost bulletin board idea for kids The story of Ghost Jack, Jane, and Jessica are good friends. They always hold together. One day their teacher gives a homework about writing a story to them. After […]

Animal craft

Farm unit bulletin board idea

Farm unit bulletin board idea Why do we use scarecrow on the farm? Uncle Jim has got a farm and he has got lots of grains like corn, sunflower, wheat and like this. Uncle Jim […]

pop corn cow craft idea
Animal craft

Farm animals craft idea for toddlers

Farm animals craft idea for toddlers Are the sheep live in the sky? Anna gets up very early that Sunday morning. She was ten years old and she didn’t have to go to the school […]


Easter egg basket craft idea for kids

Easter egg basket craft idea for kids What about making easter egg? Easter egg is colored eggs that are made in easter and these eggs are decorative eggs. These eggs symbolize the rebirth and life […]