square worksheet for kids
Shape woksheet

Square Worksheet For Kids

Square Worksheet For Kids Almost all children learned firstly the shape of the square. What is this reason actually we do not know? Here are, we prepared an activity that is about teaching square so, […]

spring mandala coloring
Mandala coloring

Spring Mandala Coloring

Spring Mandala Coloring I think the painting of mandala is really hard so your children can be bored. But everything is in our hand. How? If we give reinforcer  to our children at the end […]

rectangle worksheet for kids
Shape woksheet

Rectangle Worksheet For Kids

Rectangle Worksheet For Kids Everything around us has got a shape. And our children are keen on these shapes. Generally, when they start to talk they ask everything and they wait for an answer from […]

library week mandala coloring
Mandala coloring

Library Week Mandala Coloring Worksheet

Library Week Mandala Coloring Worksheet The book. Actually, this word tells lots of things to us, but the important thing is to understand this one. The habit of the reading book is also important so […]

earth day mandala coloring
Mandala coloring

Earth Day Mandala Worksheet

Earth Day Mandala Worksheet What is the earth day? Before giving information about this subject, I can say that it is so important for not only children but also for all people. Because to like earth and […]

back to school mandala
Mandala coloring

Back To School Mandala Worksheet

Back To School Mandala Worksheet We mentioned to what mandala is in the previous worksheet. So I will skip this side of worksheet. The school is an important part of our life because we learn […]

trace and color mushroom worksheet
Drawing Lines Worksheets

trace and color mushroom worksheet

Trace and Color Mushroom Worksheet Mushroom is another beneficial food for us. Generally children like mushroom maybe due to smurfs. Because as you know their houses look like the mushroom. So children can desire their […]

dot to dot worksheet
Math worksheet

Easy Dot To Dot Worksheet

Easy Dot To Dot Worksheet Why is connecting the dots important? Firstly, it is important because of children’s hand muscle and secondly because of teaching literacy. Because, as you know at the school teachers teach […]

circle worksheet
Shape woksheet

Circle Worksheet

Circle Worksheet As you know, in another worksheet, you thought the shapes belong to geometry and specific shape of the triangle. So today, you are going to teach circle to your children. What can you […]