Number 6 worksheet for kindergarten

Number 6 worksheet for preschool

number 6 worksheet for kindergarten
number 6 worksheet for kindergarten

Number 6 worksheet for kindergarten

Most of the time worksheets save teachers’ life. Why? Because the teacher who makes use of worksheet can make the lesson more enjoyable and thus his/her students won’t be bored and they can learn easier. But of course, worksheets must be proper with students’ level, subjects, aim and most important it must be proper with individual differences. Otherwise, the worksheet cannot be useful for students because students can not make use of worksheet. The worksheet is also useful for review of subjects. At first, teacher reviews the lesson and distributes worksheets then he/ she finishes the lesson. In this our worksheet for number 6, students can count the number of the hamburgers and can unite short lines thus he/ she could achieve to make number 6.  Also, in the worksheet, there are arrow marks in the pictures of number 6 so students can understand that how they will make number 6. On the other hand, if students want, she/ he can paint numbers so he/ she can have fun. In the future lessons, when she/he hears the name of the hamburger she/ he can remember number 6 because in student’s mind hamburger will refer number 6.


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