Missing number worksheet

missing number worksheet
missing number worksheet


Missing number worksheet

In previous worksheets, you thought the numbers to your children so today we examine them about numbers What are you going to do? In this worksheet, we prepared the peacock picture and put the numbers but there are some missing numbers. So your children are going to put missing numbers on the tail of the peacock. In this activity, we aimed to improve your children’s’ discernment because they must think all numbers in order to make this. On the other hand, their abstract thinking will also improve because the numbers are in their mind not in front of them. If your children forgot the numbers, unfortunately, you should teach again and then you can make this activity with your children. But on one hand, generally, these activities address to little children so you should teach in a concrete way. And finally, your children can color this picture because they deserved this Let’s start. More power to you!


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