shapes worksheet
Preschool Worksheets

Shapes worksheet

Shapes worksheet Easy shapes worksheet for kids. İts all free and printable.You can find triangles, circles, squares, rectangles. Look at the picture on the left of the shapes worksheet. On each row circle the pictures […]

moon craft activities
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Day and night craft

Day and night craft Our lesson is Science It was a warm spring day. Our little friend Jane was so excited because today her teacher will tell how day and night occur in a science […]

dinosaur craft idea for kids
Animal craft

Dinosaur craft idea for kindergarten

Dinosaur craft idea for kindergarten Puckish Dinosaur  There was a dinosaur in a far village. This dinosaur was a joker, it was pink and it had got purple eyes. It had got also a caretaker […]

Hidden shapes worksheet
Preschool Worksheets

Hidden shapes worksheet

Hidden shapes worksheet Shapes are hidden in the worksheet lets find them. Find the shapes and color them. How many of each shape can you find? This hidden shapes worksheet is printable and free. Check […]

shapes trace worksheet for kids
Preschool Worksheets

Shapes trace worksheet for kids

Shapes trace worksheet for kids By this worksheet, kids can practice triangles, circles, rectangles, and squares. Trace and color the shapes. This shapes trace worksheet is all free and printable. You can find another rectangle worksheet from […]

circle trace worksheet
Preschool Worksheets

Circle trace worksheet

Circle trace worksheet We are drawing circles today. This circle trace worksheet is all free and printable. Print and practice with your kids. You can find another triangle worksheet from here! Check out the rest […]