Dental Health Activity Sheets
Drawing Lines Worksheets

Dental Health Activity Sheets

Dental Health Activity Sheets To brush teeth is significant for all people because if they do not brush their decayed teeth can cause so many illnesses. For this reason, we –not should- must teach this […]

pencil trace worksheet
Back to school worksheet

Back to school Worksheet

Back to school Worksheet As you know, pencils are the most important tool for people because pencils are in the both literate and illiterate people’s or children’s hands. Almost all children like pencils but generally […]

Trinagle worksheet
Shape woksheet

Triangle Worksheet

Triangle Worksheet In the previous worksheet, we made lots of shapes belong to geometry. In this time, we specialized the shapes and choose the triangle for our children. Why do all children paint the roof […]

 Train Count and Color Worksheet
Math worksheet

 Train Count and Color Worksheet

 Train Count and Color Worksheet In previous worksheets, you thought the numbers to your children. So, this activity will be a repetition for you. At first, you can tell the train in terms of the […]

recognizing shape worksheet

Recognizing The Shapes Worksheet

Recognizing The Shapes Worksheet Although we are not aware of, the shapes are important in our life. Why? Because when we describe something we need to use the shapes unawares. On the other hand, for […]

fruit worksheet

Fruit Worksheet

Fruit Worksheet Thanks to God there are lots of fruits in the world. Because the fruit is very delicious and healthy thing. For example; watermelon. The lycopene that is in the water safes the bone […]

communitiy vehicle and drivers worksheet
Community helper worksheet

Community Vehicle And Drivers Worksheet

Community Vehicle And Drivers Worksheet Do you like visiting so much? I am sure that even you do not like, your children like it.  As you know there are kinds of public transportations like bus, […]

shape matching worksheet
Shape woksheet

Shape Matching Worksheet

Shape Matching Worksheet As is known our brain has got right and left hemisphere. But the important thing is that using both of them. So in this worksheet, we wanted to activate all of them […]

cloud trace worksheet
Drawing Lines Worksheets

Cloud Trace Worksheet

Cloud Trace Worksheet Are there any children who do not like rain or get wet in the rain. I think, not. How did I know that of course from myself? Today, we prepared cloud and […]