balloon trace worksheet

Balloon trace worksheet

Balloon Trace Worksheet Here is a very funny balloon trace worksheet for kindergarten, toddlers, and preschoolers. This balloon trace worksheet is in PDF format and very easy to print. Trace the balloons and color them. […]

sun trace worksheet

Sun Trace Worksheet

Sun Trace Worksheet We sure that, all children are interested in space, sun, world and etc in some period of his or her life. For some reasons but these subjects are always attractive for children, […]

missing number worksheet

Missing number worksheet

Missing number worksheet In previous worksheets, you thought the numbers to your children so today we examine them about numbers What are you going to do? In this worksheet, we prepared peacock picture and put […]

what animal eat worksheet

what do animals eat worksheet

What do animals eat? As we know, children’ imaginary worlds are very huge. They think interestingly. One of this is that what animals eat. For instance; when I was a child, I thought that the […]

summer mandala coloring worksheet

summer mandala coloring worksheet

Summer Mandala  Coloring Worksheet We mentioned about mandala in the previous worksheet so here we won’t mention it . In this worksheet, we wanted to make summer mandala for our children because as you know summer […]

mixed number worksheet

Mixed Number Matching 

Mixed Number Matching  Today, you are going to teach numbers 6,7,8,9 and 0 to your child. As you know, numbers are very important in our life because we use them everywhere. For example; when we go […]

Community helper craft

fire truck craft

 From eggcup to a firetruck  Eliza was a little girl who was creative. Due to her this feature, she wanted to be an architect. When people asked her what Eliza wants to be, she always […]

caterpillar circle trace worksheet

Caterpillar Circle Trace Worksheet

Caterpillar Circle Trace Worksheet As you know, almost all children like the animal so we used caterpillar to teach circle to our children. Dear mothers and fathers, you are going to teach making circle to […]

shape mandala coloring

Shape Mandala Worksheet

Shape Mandala Worksheet Dear families; In this worksheet, we aimed to teach what does Mandala mean and paint with children. Firstly; we start with the mean of the mandala. Mandala is a shape that shows […]